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  1. Overriding onTouch(Event event) {} has some...

    Overriding onTouch(Event event) {} has some side-effects, so I implemented a cleaner workaround as below (class extending Grid)):
    private boolean fixContextMenuGestureRecognizer=false;
  2. MS Edge support - Contextual menu opening while scrolling

    On MS Edge, the contextual menu opens when a long mouse click is detected (even with the left button).
    This typically occurs while scrolling, which is a problem.
    As a workaround, we have overridden...
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    MS Edge support - ComboBox

    We face multiple issues with MS Edge browser (using GXT4.0.2 / GWT2.8).
    Is this browser supported? Do we need to set some specific properties in our gwt.xml file?
    (we currently have <set-property...
  4. Scrolling issues in Grid when using LiveGridView

    Many methods related to scroll do not work when usingLiveGridView: syncScroll(), scrollToTop(boolean), getScrollState(), restoreScroll(Point).
    We did not have problems here with GXT3.1.4, but we...
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    Decimal separator

    To provide a better user experience entering numbers, we want to allow '.' (dot) as the decimal separator even when it is not the one for the current locale (actually both will bw allowed). The idea...
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    Virtual tree grid

    We are currently evaluating GXT, in particular the TreeGrid with large data sets (10,000+). It currently seems that all the items are rendered in the HTML. When the tree is fully expanded, then...
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