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  1. Forget what I said before, the problem turned out...

    Forget what I said before, the problem turned out to be a problem with the system variables. I had the system variable named SENCHA_CMD missing. You need to fill its value with this line:...
  2. solution

    I finally could figure it out,I'm sharing it in case someone else needs it.

    You need to create the checkbox dynamically so that you can set the change event manually, here is the code:
  3. checkbox cells in pivot grid

    Hi! Could you tell me how did you generate those checkboxes? I mean, I'm looking at the code U posted, but I have no idea where to include it. Could you explain more about how you managed to render a...
  4. Solved part 2

    You may also gonna need to delete the .sencha folder
  5. Solved

    Well, I could figure it out at last. What you need to do is delete the folder named resources and the file workspace.json. Greetings
  6. [ERR] The target folder is already configured as a workspace

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me out. I downloaded the project, but I'm having problems making it work. I downloaded the same project in the past in a different folder, but I later deleted it. The...
  7. "Hi I have the same problem, the workaround...

    "Hi I have the same problem, the workaround didn't work for me.
    I also create a ticket into the support area and I didn't receive a response yet.
    Please take a position and tell us how to proceed"
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