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    This is no longer a valid repo and I have not had...

    This is no longer a valid repo and I have not had time to re-upload it to my main account.
    but the sources.jar is available via Maven Central.
  2. the file is now in ~/.sencha/cmd/sencha.cfg

    the file is now in ~/.sencha/cmd/sencha.cfg
  3. Can not specify --destination if I specify an environment

    /c/Users/me/bin/Sencha/Cmd/sencha.exe app build development --destination target/generated-sources/app
    Sencha Cmd v6.5.1.240
    [ERR] Found extra positional argument --destination

    If I leave off...
  4. Is there a way to add a ToolBar to a Panel Header in Architect?

    I have found numerous posts on the general internet that show how to add non "Tool" Components to a Panel Header but they all show configuration code that I can not seem to get Architect to generate....
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    Where is the source code found? I have the...

    Where is the source code found?

    I have the commercial SDK and I can not find the source for the REST proxy anywhere.
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    [QUOTE=sjoerdl;1104783] Completely agree, but a...

    Completely agree, but a very basic CMS shouldn't take that much time to set up./QUOTE]

    As someone who has written at least 4 CMS systems from the ground up some which...
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    Then you do not know very many Ext JS developers...

    Then you do not know very many Ext JS developers and not a proof of anything but your personal lack of knowledge.

    Anyone that will not consider the best tools for the job is a poor craftsman.
  8. What you have is no sense of scale. Where I...

    What you have is no sense of scale.

    Where I work we bought 100 licenses of sencha complete. Paid for itself in one project many times over in time savings. The license cost every year is a...
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    Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit...

    Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit issues/feature request or better yet fix/implement them yourself and submit a pull request!
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    ExtJS Tree Store Jackson Serializer

    I think the title says it all and the explains it well.

    Serialize any arbitrary object graph to a TreeStore compatible format!
  11. Extremely frustrated with corruption of my project!

    I am having the same problem with 3.1, fresh install just installed a fresh copy of OSX so I know there are no old versions of anything.

    I have grepped through all the files, the app name is the...
  12. How to define an ExtJS 5.x "manyToMany" relationship in Sencha Architect 3.x?

    I am trying to use the new features of ExtJS 5.x and I can't seem to find how to declare this type of association?

    I am using Sencha Architect
  13. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getUniqueId' of undefined

    I have a custom button that doesn't really have any customization to it yet.

    "xdsVersion": "3.1.0",
    "frameworkVersion": "ext50",
    "internals": {
  14. That is kind of the problem, I can't map anything...

    That is kind of the problem, I can't map anything before hand.

    This is a configuration property object that has ad hoc field names, I am trying to create a generic component that every application...
  15. How do you map an arbitrary JSON structure to a TreeStore to load into a TreeGrid?

    I have a JSON structure that is generated that doesn't make to "object/field" type model.

    It has arbitrary ( as not know before hand ) attributes and types ( types are restricted to String and...
  16. every node must be called "children" you have the...

    every node must be called "children" you have the first one called "childNodes", they all have to be "children".

    {"success": true,"childNodes": [{ "id": 1, "name": "Phil", "leaf": true },{ "id":...
  17. You need to set "rootVisible" = false in the...

    You need to set "rootVisible" = false in the TreeGridView configuration.

    viewConfig: {
    rootVisible: false
  18. Fill in the missing pieces please

    Can someone please explain where to put the plugin code and a more complete example on how to implement this answer, I can't figure out the details.
  19. That did the trick! Thanks for the repsonse!

    I unchecked that box and it started working just fine.
  20. Sign In "A communication error has occurred." - Behind NTLM Authenticating proxy.

    Windows 7 Professional


    I was able to get this to work on my OSX 10.8.6 with no proxy direct connection no problem.
  21. Can't sign in "A communication error has occurred". Behind NTLM Authenticating Proxy.

    How do I get past this?
  22. Behind NTLM Authenticating Proxy

    how am I supposed to sign in with Sencha Architect 3
  23. [CLOSED] Project Settings -> Framework -> Sencha Complete / Custom

    Sencha Architect

  24. How to extend TextField and insert additional component between the Label and Text

    The TextField that is supplied by ExtJS 4.2.1 is basically a Label and a TextField inside aContainer set to layout hbox.
    I need to insert a ComboBox in between the Label and the TextField inside the...
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