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  1. Form submission canceled because the form is not connected

    Hello again,

    I posted yesterday but my post seems to have been dissappeared :-?

    It would appear that as of Chrome 57 the GXT FormPanel throws this error, I have done some extensive googling on...
  2. Thanks for the response drfibonacci, I was at the...

    Thanks for the response drfibonacci, I was at the GWT.create conference in Munich and I sensed some unease around the 'widgets are the past' announcements.

    It makes sense, the other technology we...
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    Auto height grids?


    After many many hours I have been unable to get consistent auto-height grids implemented using GXT 3.1.

    We are writing a data input system that uses several grids stacked on top of each...
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    I asked the developers this earlier in the year...

    I asked the developers this earlier in the year and was told that multiple theme styles for one component is a nono at present... if anyone has hacked around this I'd also like to know how you...
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    Generating multiple button appearances?

    Hi there,

    I've just gone down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out if it's possible to use the theme builder to create multiple button styles for use throughout our software (we like the...
  6. Portlet headers that are initially hidden are missing their header text when shown

    Hi there,

    I'm evaluating GXT in house as we are looking to redevelop our software suite for the web over the next few years and it's going well, though I have stumbled across an Issue I can't seem...
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