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    modern grid filtering options that are comparable to classic gridfiltering plugin

    I am also looking for this feature. I am upgrading from 5 and converting my app to a universal app. This feature is a main function of our app. Are there any pluggins or overrides to implement this...
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    Ext.namespace is not a function

    I am trying to use the updated example 2.0 in the repository with extjs 6.5 and I am getting a similair error Ext.namespace is not a function. I had an extjs 5.1.0 app working perfectly with direct...
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    Looks like syncedDB...

    Looks like syncedDB might be a good options for syncing indexedDB with mysql. Has anyone tried this with extjs?
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    Syncing offline data

    I have a multiple screen/grid extjs 5.1 app. When the app opens, it authenticates and the loads the appropriate client data from the server. Currently the app saves data, using direct calls to node...
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    Building extjs app in git with Cmd

    I have a extjs 5.1.1 app. I have been building with Cmd. I have created a local git repository and added my app and .sencha folders. I understand how to branch and tag with Git.

    I do not...
  6. [FIXED] LiveSearchGridPanel - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'down' of null

    I am using extjs 5. I have added the LiveSearchGridPanel. It works great for small data sets. I loaded 1500 records into the grid, tried to use the search functionality, and I get the error...
  7. I took the login code out of the application file...

    I took the login code out of the application file and put it into a login.js view. I created a login controller to handle the login button click and the submit to the server. I was having an api...
  8. Thanks for your help! I added this to the...

    Thanks for your help!

    I added this to the launch method in the application.js file.

    launch: function () {;
    var win =...
  9. Direct won't work in Login, works elsewhere in app

    I am using Ext 5, and a node backend. I already have 4 direct calls going to the server and returning data correctly. I have added a new direct call for the login function. I have put it in the...
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