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  1. Thankyou brian.wendt, It's solved my problem.

    Cheers :)
  2. How to remove a selected record from nested selectfiled, loading same store?

    I have 2 slectfields where i need to load data from same store.

    But the value which i have selected in first "selectfiled", it should not display in second selectfiled options. please Suggest...
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    our client side Users sometimes uploading content in that way.

    Our app for a banking sector so we don't have control over the data , which users adding.

    Anyway thanks for your information.
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    text with similar data - selectfield change is not working

    I have a case like , text with similar data(as below). Due to that whenever i select 2nd option Change Function not working/firing. Any idea.......

    options : [
  5. Dear Michell!!

    i am very much new to senchaTocuh.

    I tried in many ways, the way you suggested. If possible could you please share a small code snippet for my reference.

    Thanking you.
  6. Thank you fischer, for quick suggestion.

  7. Thank you mitchell!!

    let me try in this way.

    Thank you so much.
  8. How to Push lists to next view with selected items in Togglefield?

    I have a list with "Ext.dataview.component.DataItem", where i add togglefield before every list item.
    For what ever the items i select "togglefield", only those record should push to...
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    Getting Error : uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dom' of null

    Hi Sai,
    After adding the code i am getting this error. I am using sencha touch 2.3.
    Could you please help me on fixing this.

    inside intialize fucntion:
  10. Text auto Wrap issue even without space in samsung S3/S2

    Hi ,
    I got a strange issue especially in Samsungxy S3 & S2.
    After the letter "/" next letter wrapping down even though with out space.
    I have a record value like Fund Transfer Account A/C

  11. How to run window.location from localstorage with out page continuous reload?

    I have a view where i have 3 buttons,
    On clicking on each items i am redirecting to different URL to load a new theme based on platform. means my homepage launch with different theme.

  12. Thank you so much fmoseley.

    Let me try with this. :)
  13. HI fmoseley

    I'm using touch 2.2.1 version, i added the script tags in index.html also.

    My issue is when Internet network not there my app homepage not loading... only when internet there then only app...
  14. HI

    it's very useful one.

    Just i tried one another alternative

    items: [
    xtype: 'list',
    cls: 'nestedmenuleft',
  15. Google Map control error - Cannot read property 'ZoomControlStyle' of undefined ?

    I'm using google map control to get the map view related to my address.

    I am getting this error "Cannot read property 'ZoomControlStyle' of undefined " at below code.

    The following classes...
  16. How to create a list with mix of content & Links?

    I am generating a list with different variables and it includes one link (on clikc phonecall).
    1. on link click it should go to phone call
    2. on itemtap it should go to next view.

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    hi fmoseley

    i seen your some earlier posts stated as it wont happen in mobile devices.

    So i tried by changing the title bar code from other placement....It's working now!! No issues!!

    Thank you.
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    Titlebar tile getting truncated?

    In my application for one of the view title automatically getting truncated.
    It's generating with inline style, i am unable to fix it....please help me.
    The title also not so big.

    here is the...
  19. No fmoseley, My view will come on pageload. I...

    No fmoseley,
    My view will come on pageload.

    I have Home view where i am including another 2 views (1. leftcontainer 2.RightContainer).
    RightContainer container list of some buttons vertically...
  20. How to initialize bounce animate effect to container?

    How to load my view on intialize with animation, like bounce down and up to proper position.
    This view will load on main page along with another view.

    i tried below code on view config, but i...
  21. Thanks fmoseley.

    I Got it. I will try with paging option.

    Thaks you.:)
  22. thank you mitchell.

    It's helped me.
  23. hi stevenewey

    I seen your example.
    I am searching for implementing dragstart event after a taphold/longpress fucntion.
    My requirement is "drag" should start only on longpress/taphold on the item. for normal...
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    Hi Mitchellsimoens, How to implement taphold...

    Hi Mitchellsimoens,

    How to implement taphold release in sencha touch 2, can you please help me
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    hi saklak,

    i seen your example. I need a littile code help.
    I am creating a carousel, where i need to show 4 items in a page total 12 items. For this i choosed list, to get data from store.

    How i can...
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