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  1. In my experience, I have noticed that you have...

    In my experience, I have noticed that you have to be careful on the relation 'leaf' / 'children' in your JSON node definition.
    For a given node, there can be four permutations between 'leaf':...
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    I think that is the Store object who exposes the...

    I think that is the Store object who exposes the 'remoteSort' property, not the grid.
  3. Completely agree

    ExtJS seems to be a company run by developers. Excellent product, good technical documentation, but when it comes to reach the average user, (for instance, new to their product), they have sucked...
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    Thanks. That was the right answer to me. (...and apparently for everyone else, since there are no more entries in this thread!)
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    Grid cells not wrapping correctly in IE


    We are still using ExtJS 3.2.1 in a large project and we started having issues with grid cells not wrapping correctly.

    The problem is that, when the content is wider than the cell,...
  6. Any news about this issue?

    I just wanted to know where can I keep track of the progress of this issue.

    I have good reasons to believe that we are experimenting the same type of issue in our Portal. Recently we move the...
  7. Thanks

    I just downloaded your extension and will start playing with it soon. If it works as expected, you will save me a whole lot of time.
    Thanks in advance. I will let you know what I find.
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