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    Yes, I know that either waiting or selecting the...

    Yes, I know that either waiting or selecting the sencha app w.a.t.c.h from the menu twice resolves the issue.

    I started the thread here because I wanted to help improve the plugin by reporting a...
  2. Hi Jaraj, thanks for replying. Look in my first...

    Hi Jaraj, thanks for replying. Look in my first post in this thread:

    It says exactly what I was trying to do: I submitted a new thread with the aforementioned word as the only content of the...
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    Thanks. If that's the case, shouldn't the users...

    Thanks. If that's the case, shouldn't the users get a message telling them what's going on? Right now I often end up starting Sencha app w.a.t.c.h (here it is again, I couldn't write the word) and...
  4. Unable to use the word "w.a.t.c.h" in the forum

    When I tried to submit a new post with just a word "w.a.t.c.h" (without the dots) as the only content, it got denied. Considering that the word is part of a commonly used Cmd command, perhaps it...
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    Problem with running command from menu

    It looks like I can't use the word "w.a.t.c.h" (obviously without the dots) in a post. Replace every occurrence of 'sencha app look' in my post with the actual command that I cannot write here for...
  6. Sorry for not updating. The issue was to with the...

    Sorry for not updating. The issue was to with the classes having package overrides included in the requires array. Package overrides are included automatically and I think Architect gets confused...
  7. Adding build target on workspace level - Cmd v6.5.2.15

    How can I add a build target that will be available for all apps inside the workspace? I would like to define a key in app.json on per-app basis that will trigger changing of index.html into...
  8. [FIXED] Expanding grid group broken when scrollable is set to false.

    I have an Architect project that I just updated to 6.5 that contains a Grid with scrollable set to false and is grouped with collapsible groups. When you try to expand a group with...
  9. setValue() in Ext.form.field.Date does not return the field

    The function description states that setValue() method returns the date field, which in theory makes the method call chainable. In reality however, the function does not return anything:

  10. Docs for Ext.window.MessageBox don't show the correct show() method

    The show() method described in docs for Ext JS 6.2.0 Classic is not the MessageBox's special method but rather the inherited one from Ext.Component.
  11. [OPEN] Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation

    The documentation for Ext.Msg and Ext.MessageBox buttons and icon documentation does not include available static values that can be used. I couldn't find any description or usage examples of the...
  12. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.Date .setValue() return value is undefined.

    ExtJS version 6.2 classic.

    The documentation suggests that the setValue() function on a date field is chainable - ie it returns the field. However, it returns nothing.

    Here's the fiddle that...
  13. Design View throws [Ext.create] Unrecognised class name/alias for a custom extension


    Architect Build tested:

    Project Type:
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    [FIXED] Thanks!

    That's great news :)
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    [FIXED] Date picker does not show available date

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 51.0.2704.103

    When you set a minimum or maximum available date for a Date field, it does not show...
  16. I haven't actually downloaded any framework files...

    I haven't actually downloaded any framework files myself - all I have is what Architect put on my computer.

    I build everything with Architect that I downloaded from Sencha and authenticated with...
  17. 'Trial' watermark added to Panels when using custom template

    Hi there,

    I created a simple template to use with apps I create, and whenever I make a new app with it, all Panels have 'Ext JS Trial' watermarked on the right of the header. This doesn't happen...
  18. Creating an extension with classes that depend on each other

    Hi folks,

    I spent the last day and a bit figuring out how to make my own extension from the Ext class extensions my colleague prepared. I encountered lots of problems which were very poorly...
  19. I sorted it out myself - I renamed all classes...

    I sorted it out myself - I renamed all classes according to the Ext Class System Guide, with my company name at the beginning, and that made it work.

    I would still say that the message provided by...
  20. Invalid format of package.json error for my custom extension in SA 3.2

    Hi guys,

    My colleague has created some custom classes that make use of our flexible back-end API, and I wanted to create an extension to use them in Architect. I've been following this post and...
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