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    I lost my store.byValue when I added a second...

    I lost my store.byValue when I added a second form to viewport with a selectfield bind to same store as a selectfield on form already in viewport. Solved it by removing store from second form config...
  2. [INFOREQ] Unable to reproduce on fiddle.

    I'm unable to reproduce on fiddle.
    This is my fiddle to show what I'm doing.
  3. [FIXED] I also had an encoding issue after upgrade to...

    I also had an encoding issue after upgrade to

    Had to change my source from:

    afsCodes: {
  4. [INFOREQ] datepicker setValue(null) issue when oldValue is Date

    touch 2.4.1

    Cannot update the record in a form containing a datepicker with value from Date to null.

    Fixed it by changing picker/Date.js:

  5. Add layout

    You need to add a layout to your Panel not form.Panel:

    var frm = Ext.create('Ext.Panel', { //i am populating the list
    title: 'Canteen 2',
    layout: 'vbox',
    items: [
  6. [OPEN] minor error reporting issue on Ext.Viewport.setMenu

    When passing an undefined menu to setMenu, wrong error text is logged to console on touch 2.3.1.

    if (!menu) {
    Ext.Logger.error("You must specify a side to dock the menu.");
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    Request send when using setDestroyRemovedRecords and setSyncRemovedRecords


    If you did not find a solution yet:
    I had the same problem, solved it by using setDestroyRemovedRecords(true) and setSyncRemovedRecords(true) methods, using the store configs doesn't seem to...
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