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  1. Hey Michelle/Petro-GeorgeS. I have experienced...

    Hey Michelle/Petro-GeorgeS.

    I have experienced this also in v 5.1.0 (testing in other versions I observed it is something that was fixed but not by any obvious change (It appears to have been...
  2. So... This actual bug was ONLY released in the...

    So... This actual bug was ONLY released in the non gpl version? Aw.. Any chance you would share the code that was changed in that version?
  3. [CLOSED] How is this closed?!? That doesnt make any...

    How is this closed?!? That doesnt make any sense... Plus adding an idProperty to the reader doesnt work whihc it did in previous versions of ExtJS... Can we get a more definitive answer on this?....
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    I think the problem is you people dont really...

    I think the problem is you people dont really understand GPL and Sencha is being VERY careful around the question because you are asking it wrong. You should really stop referring to GPL Licensed...
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    [OPEN] documentation for 5.1

    Hello this should be an easy fix for someone. The documentation for the Ext.form.field.ComboBox says to use the multiSelect: true property for multiple selections at the very beginning of the...
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    Transform alternative in Extjs4?

    Hello, In Extjs 3.4 I could change an existing html form element into an ExtJS component using a property called "transform" this has been removed from Ext 4 and I cant seem to do it no matter what I...
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    [OPEN] 3.4 Solved Problem

    Yes, when we updated from 3.3 to 3.4 this problem (along with a bunch of other IE9 specific problems) was cured. Thanks Sencha!
  8. Editable Grid Focus Change Scrolls Window incorrectly

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me with this..

    I am using an editable grid with 26 rows which is wider than the screen, so the user has to scroll the screen horizontally to view the...
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    [OPEN] Same (or Similar) problem here


    One of our users are telling us the same thing. They say they can view the site but all combo boxes are not doing anything when they click on them. The user is using a NEW computer loaded...
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