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  1. Hello, I am using extjs 6.2.1. I was unable...


    I am using extjs 6.2.1.
    I was unable to create a demo in sencha fiddle. Anyways I got it to work with a UX called callout.js

    and Thank you for your help :)
  2. I was a bit confused about where to post it so...

    I was a bit confused about where to post it so thats why i posted it in the community discussion, Could you tell me where should I post this kind of issues,

    And is there any way to change it...
  3. How to open a floating container or textfield at the position of it button.


    I have a floating textbox which opens when I click a button, The problem is that the floating textbox is opening on the top left-hand side. I want to position it to the button am clicking...
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    Problem With the Ext.window.MessageBox


    We are Facing a problem after upgrading ExtJS to 6.2.1 from 6.0.2

    In 6.0.2 we were able to navigate the YESNO button via left and right arrow keys, but after upgrading to 6.2.1(same issue...
  5. Getting error when upgrading to extjs 6.5 from 6.2


    Am getting the following error when am trying to use "sencha package upgrade"

    Sencha Cmd v6.5.0.180
    [INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
    [INF] Loading compiler context
  6. Sencha Themer: Unable to create a new theme Error: No such property :port


    Am trying to create a new theme in sencha themer but am getting the error "Error: No such property :port".55826
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