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  1. Thanks. It is working.~o)

    Thanks. It is working.~o)
  2. Extjs 5.1.1 passong params at beforeload event

    Normally I tried to pass the params to jsonstore at beforeload event. It is working fine until 4.2. Now Im trying to migrate 4.2. to 5.1.1. At 5.1.1, there is no params property at beforeload...
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    I am using Bootstrap Tour. Here is the sample ...

    I am using Bootstrap Tour. Here is the sample

    tour: function () {
    var tour = new Tour({
    storage: false
    var txtFirstName =...
  4. How to get html tag id using Extjs

    Following html is got from Ext.getCmp('uspFirstName').getEl()

    <input name="FirstName" class="x-form-field x-form-text x-form-text-default " id="uspFirstName-inputEl" role="textbox" type="text"...
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    Feature Tour with Tooltip


    I want to show the tooltip with next button when first page load. It is like Feature Tour. To tell user how to use the feature in that page.

    May I know how to implement with tooltip?
  6. Store with persistence, transactions, retrieving from other stores

    I want to prompt the user if unsaved changes exist when they try to leave my page. Actually we are using

    this plugin in our Extjs 3.4
  7. Store with persistence

    Do you have it for Extjs 4.2?
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    Dynamic Tool tip for Form Control

    Hi, I have add the tool tip on textfield at afterRender event. It is working but I want to update the tooltip base on some condition after get the data from database. How can I update?

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    filter combobox in grid


    I am trying to filter combobox in grid column base on other column value

    E.g, I have one text box column and one combobox column. If user change the text in textbox, want to filter...
  10. I got the solution from this post...

    I got the solution from this post
  11. Assign back to original Grid Cell Template

    I am enabling text selection for all the grid. So that I have added following script.
    But I have encountered the problem in one grid that is using row extender. I got the error at
    var body =...
  12. Tow Panel inside Form var filterPanel =...

    Tow Panel inside Form

    var filterPanel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
    title: 'Search',
    items: [mspOutportForCirculation, mspFieldSetSearch, mspLegend]

  13. second panel height only take remaining part of the main container

    I have two panel in main container. Let say First Panel is header and Second Panel is detail.

    Now Main Panel show scroll bar if Second Panel content is bigger than the reaming panel.

    I only...
  14. Mask and UnMask with form.dom.submit()

    I am loading pdf file from server. I would like to add mask when submit and unmask after file downloaded.

    Please let me know which event I should call for mask and unmask.

    var form =...
  15. How to set labelWidth of all the field in Ext.form.Panel ?

    How to set labelWidth of all the field in Ext.form.Panel ?

    Extjs 3.4. Ext.FormPanel I can set the labelWidth but Ext4.2.1, I am using Ext.form.Panel

  16. Sorry Guys, it is our server side issue. The...

    Sorry Guys, it is our server side issue. The problem solved.
  17. form.dom.submit() not working in Ext JS 4.2.1

    I am migrating my extjs 3.4 to 4.2.1.
    For file download i am submitting form and call the function from server. It is working fine with Ext JS 3.4 but not working with Ext JS 4.2.1

    var form =...
  18. Ext.form.Panel.getForm().load() params is not JSON format

    I have a Ext.form.Panel and I try to load a form with params but those params are not JSON format. I have added Content-Type but not calling. My service needed json data.

    What config need to...
  19. Hi Gary, Thanks for reply. Your sample code and...

    Hi Gary, Thanks for reply.
    Your sample code and our is exactly the same. Our problem is that request params is not json format even content type is 'application/json; charset=utf-8;'
  20. Passing parameter is not a Json Format


    I'm using 4.2.1 and I need help passing the parameter in json format using the getForm().load(). My parameter is a not a json format, I cannot pass the parameter. In 3.4 version is...
  21. Ext.grid.GridPanel combo box column sorting

    I have combo box column as below. When I click the header to sort that column, it is only sorted by ServiceId. I want to sort by "Staff Name" when I click the Staff Name column. So that I have...
  22. User Registration for WordPress using JSON API


    I am listing custom posts and viewing detail of the post using WordPress JSON API.

    I can successfully authenticate a login user using following extend api.
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    Hi mitchellsimoens, No I have no API at the...

    Hi mitchellsimoens,

    No I have no API at the moment. We just plan to develop App for our site. Currently our team is migrating one project using Extjs. So that we can use our Extjs experience when...
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    Sencha Touch and wordpress


    I have a wordpress site and it is already responsive. But I want to create app using Sencha touch. Could you please let me know the resource to start.

  25. Passing parameters in Ext.ux.ManagedIFramePanel and read from landing page

    Hi I am using Ext.ux.ManagedIFramePanel and trying to parameter to landing page but I cant get the requested data. For example I try to set the UpdateContact.aspx and i am trying to pass the...
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