Help to understand NodeJs

  1. ethraza
    I'm reading a bunch of things about node.js and general SSJS, including this.
    Now, there is a lot of in my mind and there I can see floating around some words that I don't fully understand:
    - Ivy
    - Connect
    - ExpressJs
    - Spark
    - Nginx

    If you think that I'm totally in Apache + PHP (read httpd.conf, vhost, index.html, ext-all.js, app.php) word right now, how can I get into NodeJs world in the most close to a painless experience possible?
    I mean, I understand that nodejs will do the apache work, but... how exactly I can put it to work in the vhost paradigm or something multi-site? How the words that are floating in my mind are linked with each other?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. mschwartz
    The (vhost) hostname is sent in the headers of the request. You can switch on that and do what the vhost is supposed to do. It's not unique to Apache!
  3. Frank
    Thanks Mschwartz, your answer is the best answer.
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