Who's using Ext at server side?

  1. Frank
    the same as title...
  2. mschwartz
    Since ExtJS is built on top of Ext Core which is hugely tied to DOM, there's little sense in trying to use ExtJS server-side. However, there are a lot of low level stuff in ExtJS that could be used to make a very nice server-side API/Library. For example, the whole OO Object scheme and Ext.extend() and Ext.isArray() type functions. The data stores and records are also not so tied to the DOM that they would be a good addition to a server-side API.
  3. Frank
    Ext.Mdoel can be used in SSJS, too?
  4. mschwartz
    I'm not sure if ExtJS can be loaded server-side. It would have to comply with the CommonJS module scheme or the server-side environment would have to support the DOM (like Jaxer).

    However, something like Ext.Model is pretty smart to do server-side. Perhaps Ext.Model can be extracted from the ExtJS sources in a way that makes it work server-side.
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