View Full Version : Will the EXT JS 4.0 get the video component?

18 May 2010, 8:20 AM
I made my own container for HTML5/Flash video's using EXT JS 3.2.1 and just wondered if Ext JS 4.0 and Ext Touch will be able to kinda mix together in the future or I assume you would keep them separate. But with my site using both for the same look and feel would make it easier for me to only handle 1 source trunk with Touch components in it if it's available.

I'm current developing using the MSI WindTop AE2010 Touch All-in-One desktop. But moving towards using tablets soon then to mobile phones. Granted I can test a bunch of things during the beta for all 3 really. But my path is now desktops with touch -> tablets -> mobile.

Another question comes to mind with the announcement that Android 2.2 will be doing Flash as well can the video component also handle flash video, or will that be a separate component for Touch or not planned at all?

Thanks and great job from what I've been able to play with so far.

Jamie Avins
18 May 2010, 8:31 AM
Many of the components will be shared between the code bases where they make sense.