View Full Version : Working Example of ASP.Net and JsonStore and GridPanel (RESOLVED)

12 May 2010, 10:56 AM
Can someone please direct me to a working example using ASP.Net as the Json provider, JsonStore as the store, and a GridPanel created without using a var statement?

Please, no examples using anything other than ASP.Net to provide the Json data, nothing other than using the Ext.data.JsonStore, and only a GridPanel created without declaring it as a variable first.

I need to get the GridPanel to appear inside a center container as a result of creating a new tab in the same way that the DOCs currently do it when you click an API topic, except I need a GridPanel with database supplied Json data instead of the static pages it actually uses.

Thanks in advance

I resolved this issue by moving the location of the JsonStore.load() to the click listener so it fires directly before the tab with the GridPanel gets created. Voila!