View Full Version : Fieldset border partially obscured in IE

5 May 2010, 10:27 AM
We recently encountered an issue where a fieldset's top border was partially obscured. Has anybody else experienced this? Am attaching a screenshot; also below is some code I threw into the fieldset's after(r/R)ender listener/method to address the issue. Under IE the clientWidth of the fieldsetHeaderEl was much larger than it needed to be, 150 to be precise.

var fieldsetHeaderEl = Ext.query('.x-fieldset-header').pop();
var fieldsetHeaderTextWidth =
fieldsetHeaderEl.style.width = fieldsetHeaderTextWidth + "px";My best guess is that this could have to do with the nesting of components, and the width being picked up from the configuration of one of the parent components, but scouring our source code for "width: 150" or something to that effect, has not borne fruit. The nesting that is indicated in the screenshot is a window with a border layout, with the region of interest containing our own defined xtype that extends FormPanel, which in turn has a column layout.

Sorry I am not at liberty to provide a better screenshot or code at the moment as this is for a health care application and its sensitive information. I think we have some new premium support licenses and so might (re) post to the premium forum if it comes to that, after some initial feedback/guidance here. Thanks in advance.