View Full Version : ColumnHeaderGroup header span multiple rows.

Neil Walters
5 May 2010, 3:14 AM

When using Ext.ux.grid.ColumnHeaderGroup, is it possible for a header to span multiple rows e.g.

| | Asia | Europe |
| Year |----------------------------------------
| | China | India | France | GB |


20 Jul 2011, 2:57 AM
It seems that it's impossible now, but it's undoubtely a very required feature.
The only thing I suppose to do now is { header: '' } on top or bottom row.
What is ugly that if several have-to-be-rowspanned row are followed one by one, there's a separator on each of them. This could be removed by using { header: '', colspan: 2 } on the top row, but this causes impossibility of moving lower row's columns to differnt top column group.

I hope the possibility of setting rowspan will be able in future.