View Full Version : How to show a toolbar with effects?

29 Apr 2010, 3:08 AM
Hi, i have a simple panel with a top toolbar which is initially configured with a hidden: true config option.
Then i want to show the toolbar when a particular event fires, but with an Fx effect (for example - slideIn).

This line:

Ext.getCmp('tbarID').show();shows the toolbar and immediately after this one

Ext.getCmp('tbarID').getEl().slideIn();applies the effect as expected, but i want the effect to be applied during the toolbar comes into view instead of
(1) show the toolbar with no effect,
(2) slide in the toolbar.

Any suggestions to accomplish that?

And, can you explain me exactly what the Ext.Toolbar config option hidden: true hides actually - the toolbar component itself or its underlying element?

Thanks in advance.