View Full Version : [3.2.0] Treepanel MultiSelectionModel and Dragdrop

21 Apr 2010, 1:45 AM
Just a quick Question about D&D from a Treepanel to another one.

The D&D itself was working fine,
using some stock config from an example, no fancy selfmade Drag or Dropsources,

but then i figured i'd like to drag and drop multiple nodes from the Left tree to the right one...
searched the Forums, read the Docs and decided to give the stock "MultiSelectionModel" a shot but this seems to not support multiple nodes to be dragged at once?

Am i mistaken or should the Tree honour the Type of SelectionModel when using D&D?

What's the correct route to take? Download and evaluate one of the TP-Expansions floating around this Forum? IIRC there is a homebrewn MultiSelectTree

Or should i try and implement the D&D myself by implementing a custom Dragsource?