View Full Version : Ext.DomQuery in IE6

14 Apr 2010, 7:57 AM

my question is not 100% EXT related, but maybe someone of you has already encountered a similar situation:

Im receiving a xml document from the backend. The format is irrelevant, lets suppose it's something like:

<child> <subchild/> </child>
<child> <subchild/> </child>
I need to go through all child elements of data, but not the subchilds. I'm currently doing this by:

var counter = 1
while (true) {
var node = dq.selectNode('questionnaire > *:nth-child(' + counter + ')', xmlRootNode)
//..do something with the node...
Now this obviously won't work in IE6 as I'm using CSS selectors. Is there a quick way to achive the same thing in IE6?