View Full Version : edit box appearing outside the cell in EditorGridPanel

12 Apr 2010, 12:05 PM
A small problem that I cannot get rid of: the editors that I add to my EditorGridPanel always appear a few pixels lower than the cell itself when i set frame: false for the gridpanel.


I don't have anything special in my code, it's just a regular EditorGridPanel:

var ColumnModel = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel({
// specify any defaults for each column
defaults: {
editor: {xtype: 'textfield'},
sortable: false // columns are not sortable by default
columns: [
{header: " ", width: 400, dataIndex: 'testnaam', editor: null},
{header: "4 weken", dataIndex: 'meting1'},
{header: "8 weken", dataIndex: 'meting2'},
{header: "13 weken", dataIndex: 'meting3'},
{header: "6 mnd", dataIndex: 'meting4'},
{header: "9 mnd", dataIndex: 'meting5'},
{header: "12 mnd", dataIndex: 'meting6'},
{header: "15 mnd", dataIndex: 'meting7'},
{header: "1.5 jaar", dataIndex: 'meting8'},
{header: "2 jaar", dataIndex: 'meting9'},
{header: "categorie", dataIndex: 'categorie', hidden: true}

var meetGrid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel({
id: 'meetGrid',
clicksToEdit: 1,
selModel: new Ext.grid.CellSelectionModel({
listeners: {'beforecellselect': function(){return false}}
x: 20,
y: 250,
store: store,
cm: ColumnModel,
view: new Ext.grid.GroupingView({forceFit:true, groupTextTpl: '{group}'}),
enableHdMenu: false,
enableColumnResize: false,
header: false,
frame: false,
width: 880,
autoHeight: true

The problem disappears when frame: true, but I don't want a frame.