View Full Version : Strange interface behavior

8 Apr 2010, 5:48 AM
I'm using Ext Designer to build an interface. When exporting the code and previewing the interface in a browser, all looks well. See screenshot below:

However, when incorporating the code into the Grouped Tabs example that comes with ExtJS, (which I'm using as a starting point to prototype the interface), the interface renders incorrectly when viewing it in a browser. The fields within the Field Set disappear for no apparent reason. See screen shot below:

It appears as though the Grid Panel is the culprit. If I remove the Grid Panel, it works fine. If I replace the Grid Panel with a List View it works fine. I tried deleting the Grid Panel and creating a brand new one, it too fails. It appears as though the Grouped Tabs example project doesn't like the Grid Panel.

I cannot work out what's going wrong. I have spent countless hours trying to solve the problem and I cannot work it out.

Any ideas?