View Full Version : "MetaGrid":StoreException loading "ux-checkcolumn"

6 Apr 2010, 11:48 AM
Hi All !

I am making my first steps using "MetaGrid" [rudimentary two column grid configured from metadata]. But if I add a checkcolumn, my store throughs an exception [object object][In IE+FF]:(.

My json for the added checkcolumn is:

"name": "Enabled",
"mapping": "Enabled",
"header": "Enabled",
"ptype": "ux-checkcolumn" //I tried other variants here.
If I remove the ptype, the exception disappears.
In the comment of the original sample, I read:

"ptype":"ux-checkcolumn", //==> must be a registered ptype <==:-?

So, how do I register this type and whereof it stems from??

In my page header, I included the "CheckColumns.js" [In that code, it seems to register the name "checkcolumn", but this is also not working].

Any help would be really great!


6 Apr 2010, 1:14 PM
Hello !

I am answering my own question ... [completely ???] ....

As for my astounding, the "MetaGrid" needs another plugin [which is inside the sample]. I THOUGHT, this is the usual plugin. So, if one wish to use the "MetaGrid", one has to add several other plugins also I-|

One may use the "usual" plugin, but in this case, the checkbox would be read-only :(