View Full Version : Problems with RowEditor plugin with comboboxes and buttons

6 Apr 2010, 9:19 AM
Hi, glad to be part of this great forum and cooperate with anything I can :)

I'm having some problems using the RowEditor Plugin with Extjs 3.0.2...
The first one is that when I dobleclick a row, then click cancel/update button, when I dobleclick another row, the RowEditor buttons get over the row, heres a screenshot:


And I don't know why that's happening :S
The second one, I've a gridpanel with 3 comboboxes with their respective renderers, when I dobleclick the row to edit it, the 3 comboboxes overlap each other, like the read area in the next screenshot:


But when I resize the column of any of the 3 comboboxes, the combobox of the column I resize appears very well.
Any idea?

Thanks for your help :D

I've posted this thread in the plugins forum, sorry :(