View Full Version : Remote combobox error on expand

6 Apr 2010, 5:46 AM
I am getting this error when I try to expand a remote combobox:

me.dom.parentNode is null

This is the offending line of Ext-all-debug.js V3.2.0 ( line 5755 ):

rt = me.dom.parentNode.insertBefore(GETDOM(el), isAfter ? me.dom.nextSibling : me.dom);

This is how I'm initiating the combobox:

Ext.ns( 'ProjectSpark.combobox' );

ProjectSpark.combobox.Node_ComboBox = Ext.extend( Ext.form.ComboBox, {
displayField: 'title',
valueField: 'nid',
forceSelection: true,
lazyInit: true,
selectOnFocus: true,
typeAhead: true,
lazyRender: true,
queryDelay: 500,
triggerAction: 'all'
} );

Ext.reg( 'combobox_NodeComboBox', ProjectSpark.combobox.Node_ComboBox );

And then:

ProjectSpark.comboboxes.Project = new ProjectSpark.combobox.Node_ComboBox( {
store: ProjectSpark.stores.Project,
listeners: {
beforeQuery: function( eQuery ){ //Find out which group to search within
eQuery.combo.store.baseParams.group = ProjectSpark.panel.TimesheetPanel_inst.getSelectionModel().getSelected().get( 'group_id' );
return true;
} );

The store works fine (it is used elsewhere in the grid), the group_id gets set 'beforequery' and I have confirmed the store returns the correct result (with or without a query value, decodes to proper JSON).

For some reason it seems to want to insert the option elements beneath some options that it thinks exist, but because the store is filtered, the options are no longer there?