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5 Apr 2010, 12:56 PM
Hello everybody

I am new to Ext-js. i have successfully loaded data into extjs grid from my database. I am using java servlets to convert the returned data to JSON format. I have a form too in the same component to be filled with some other data . it also uses the same servlet to get the data. so what should be the format of JSON inside java servlet so that ext can recognize this json data is for grid and this data is for the form to show data.
FYI - I dont have any relationship between form and grid.

I hope you all understood the requirement.


8 Apr 2010, 9:01 AM
There are countless examples of how to supply the grid panel and forms with data.

9 Apr 2010, 6:41 AM

Thanks for the reply.

Let me first rephrase my question. My Javascript has a Form panel and then a Grid Panel.
User enters some textfield Value insiode Form and submits the data. Once the Data is submitted I am capturing the entered Value sending to Database and the returned List is in my servlet and in my servlet I am converting the List to the JSON format that ext-js Grid Panel understands. The Grid Panel Data store is this servlet and output of the servlet is a JSOn Array.
I am able to do this so far.

My requirement is I want to display a message also inside my Front end component that I retireve from the database. So what should be the JSON format inside my servlet that says this array is for the grid Panel and this message is to be shown.

I shall try to put in more simple terms if I may

I have a requirement to show 100 records in a grid and also a message which states that "There are actually 300 records available". both the List and message comes from the database and I am using servlets to convert the JSOn format. so what should be the JSON format and how will ext-js understand it.

Again I am very much newbie to JSON and EXT-JS