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6 Mar 2010, 7:38 AM
Let me talk to the point..

Now, I'm currently work for building app dashboard using extjs. Everybody knows dashboard needs charts, and the current Ext-chart doesn't met my requirements, so I'm looking for another chart libraries (hiks.. it made my app not 100% Ext anymore..)

And yes, I found it.. It's flash-based chart component, and I got a problem to put the chart into the Ext panel.

Here is my way:
1. I add a <div id="mychart"> element in the <body> element which will contain the chart component (embedding object)

2. I created an Ext panel, and use contentEl object config assigned by 'mychart' value.

3. The result is, the chart display overlap from the Ext panel (Ext panel is still "blank")

Anyone knows why it's happend?
Do I done something wrong?
Any idea / correction?

Thank you before!

- If you still don't understand for what every words I said, feel free to ask me
- and my deeply sorry for my English.. hehe..

7 Mar 2010, 5:51 AM