View Full Version : RowEditor headache

4 Mar 2010, 8:22 AM

I am getting mad with the RowEditor behavior for as I configured it. I am using the ExtJS 3.1.0, Firefox, Windows and Mac.

My intention is to use the RowEditor to manage users stored into a MySQL table, using php server pages on a Linux box.

I attached my configuration as a file.

At the moment I am facing this situation:
- the grid loads correctly with all the data
- adding a new record works both on the grid and on the database
- when I modify one existing record, being it freshly loaded or newly added and I click the Update button the request sent to the server is the one I defined as create api request. I manage to have the update server request only if in sequence: add a new record, start modifying the new added record, click update without modify, modify the record again.
- when I delete one record it is correctly removed from the grid but no server request is sent

Anybody has ideas of what I am messing up?