View Full Version : Issue in ValidationStatus

2 Mar 2010, 1:14 AM

I am using a user extension Ext.ux.StatusBar in the tbar of a formPanel and user extension Ext.ux.ValidationStatus as a plugin in StatusBar

tbar :new Ext.ux.StatusBar({
id :'idUserProfileStatusbar',
plugins :new Ext.ux.ValidationStatus({
form :'idUSerProfileMainPanel'
defaultText :'Ready'
})I need an event to button click on the formPanel and hide the validationstatus div in yellow.

For this I created an event and in that I am using

Ext.getCmp('idUSerProfileMainPanel').getForm().clearInvalid();By doing this my form becomes error free but the validation div doesnt hides properly and also the id of this div is dynamically generated so i cant hide that using dom methods.

Please see the snapshot for the same.


2 Mar 2010, 8:36 PM

I stuck into it for quite a long now and need to figure out any possible way to get out of it.
If there is no solution in the way I am approaching, can someone please suggest any other best possible to resolve it.