View Full Version : Master/Detail persistence - single DB Transaction

1 Mar 2010, 3:02 PM
I recently started experimenting with ExtJS and I need to have more understanding regarding the “saving” or CRUD part of multiple ExtJS components on the same page.

I know that to perform a CRUD operation on a ExtJS component (for eg., a EditorGridPanel), we follow the below steps :-

1. Create a ‘proxy’
2. Create a ‘reader’
3. Create a ‘writer’
4. Associate these to a ‘store’
5. Associate this ‘store’ to a EditorGridPanel
6. Render EditorGridPanel on a ‘div’.

Suppose, we have multiple components on a page, how would I be able to achieve a ‘transactional’ style of CRUD ? For eg., suppose we have 2 components, first holding a master record and the second holding multiple detail records. I need to be able to persist the changes on both the components in the same database transaction, ie., I should be able to call a single ‘CRUD’ URL which will persist the changes of both the components in a single transaction.

How can I achieve this using ExtJS ?