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1 Mar 2010, 12:58 PM
Hi Folks

I am experimenting with Extjs and its possible use for new features on an existing site. As a result I have a few questions/scenarios I would like to run by those folks who are more knowledgeable than myself with the technology to see if what Im trying to do is feasible etc..

Basically, I want to use Extjs forms on an existing website. What I have at the moment is a few links that result in standard html pages to render normal forms. What I want to do to use Extjs forms in the following way:

When a link (eg complete form 1) is clicked I want a new window opened containing my extjs form. When this window containing the form is open, I want the background (ie any links etc on my standard website) to be disabled similar to what happens when you use Extjs message box and the background is disabled etc.

Remember, my existing site is not using Extjs in any way at the moment, and I just want to use extjs for these new forms.

See attached diagram:

First Pic shows site with links on side
Second pic shows Extjs form on top of existing site when a link is clicked. (Background is disabled and dimmed)

Thanks for your help.


1 Mar 2010, 3:32 PM
Use an Ext.Window instance with modal: true.

As for your form, check out contentEl from the API Docs