View Full Version : Some help on creating a basic gallery

27 Feb 2010, 12:56 PM
hello all

i need to create a very basic gallery to display some photos, with a ratting system and "add to favorites".

i start creating a basic west-center viewport with the navigation on the west side and center empty. then after render i do a request to the server that retrieves my photos list and add them with

el.add(item);my item is something like

var item = {
html:'<img src="fotos/'+filename+'">'
no problems till now.

what i need help to improve is:

1. on loading many images offcourse i have a lot of lag. is there some way i can implement a buffering system on this one?

2. i was trying that the image itself to be the fullsize the panel and then the bbar and tbar to be displayed above him on mouse over. unfortunately with no success...i know is more a CSS issue but can some one point me on the good direction?