View Full Version : Wizard dynamic creation and loading of combo problem

27 Feb 2010, 10:33 AM
Hi. I have the following problem.
Within a card wizard according to data selected in one panel I create a series of comboboxes inside the next panel and I load the data dynamically. After that I call the normal handler of the button next and I get redirected to the next panel. The data is not rendered inside the combo though.
The wierd thing is that if i use firebug debugging and i go through the process step by step the data is rendered normally.
Alternatively if i press previous and then next the data is also displayed normally.
I call the combos parent doLayout method but nothing changes.

It's difficult to include the code in this post because it is spread in several places.
So the question is the following.
Has anyone faced anything similar before? If yes any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.