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24 Feb 2010, 9:10 AM

I am using ScriptTagProxy to make a cross domain call to retrieve Json results. Firebug shows the Response received as:

[{"hit":{"status":"New","cid":73,"percent":70,"uri":http://www.google.com}}]which is correct. But it does not have the default callback stcCallback1001([{"hit":{"status":"New","cid":73,"percent":70,"uri":http://www.google.com (http://www.google.com/)}}]) concatenated in the Response from the server. Because of this, I am unable to load the grid. I am just using simple javascript - no java or asp .net. How do I make Ext concatenate the default callback function name around the response receivedbefore I load the data.Store? Thanks, Peter.

24 Feb 2010, 12:39 PM
This is the responsibility of the server-side which you are using.

The url which you are invoking must wrap the url parameter around the data content which it serves up to the client.