View Full Version : Reset PortalColumn's columnWidth dynamically

22 Feb 2010, 1:04 PM
I have a portal with 3 columns. Each has columnWidth set to 0.33 during initComponent. After a user deletes **all Portlets inside the third column, I need to resize the first and second columns to 0.5.
I tried to do the following things, but it does not seem to work:

firstColumn.columnWidth = 0.5;
secondColumn.columnWidth = 0.5;
firstColumn.doLayout(true); //NOTE: firstColumn.doLayout(false) does not work either.
mydashboard.doLayout(true);//NOTE: I tried this. It did not work either.

I tried to read Ext.Contailer.js and Ext.BoxComponent.js and Ext.Component.js source code, but could not fine how columnWidth property is used and the API does not have any function for me to change the columnWidth property. It does not have getConfig() function either.

Please help! Thanks.