View Full Version : GridPanel not rendering and loading data inconsistantly

22 Feb 2010, 1:56 AM
Hi there i have a little problem. I am dynamically creating and destrying panels which hold gridpanels. each time a gridpanel panel is created, the jsonstore get a new set of data which is used to populate the grid.

what i am finding is that when the panel is loaded, the gridpanel is not displaying correctly (ref image). Also i can repeatedly use the same data response for many consecutive creates of the panel, but when i do this, somtimes the response loads into the grid and sometimes not. randem eh..

as a side note, i am not sure if this would effect anything, but i am also using Darg and drop on the grid.

Here is the code i have written. the two controls in question are

the DataAttribute stuff is working fine.

also here is an extract of the response i am getting back from the server:

{success:true,fields:[{name:'1'},{name:'2'},{name:'3'},{name:'4'}], count:4}

22 Feb 2010, 12:13 PM
Your reference image did not load.

It sounds like it might be a chicken-and-egg sync problem, but it's hard to be sure with no code.