View Full Version : [3.1.1] Should TreeGrid DOM table used in the header have "table-layout: fixed"?

18 Feb 2010, 8:08 AM

I've been working with a team who had issues with rendering a TreeGrid and the header columns being rendered shorter than the actual width they were set to. After digging a bit deeper it turned out that the widths set on the <col /> tags generated were only respected once we explicitly set the table-layout: 'fixed', we also noticed that the generated DOM for the actual tree grid table had this attribute already. So we're wondering if this is an oversight? Should the tree grid header DOM table also have table-layout: 'fixed' set?

You can see the difference in the example here by inspecting it in firebug (but not the rendering issues we were having): http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/treegrid/treegrid.html

Look for the table element under the <div class="x-grid3-header-offset" > and notice it only has the width set in the style attribute
compare with the table element under<div class="x-treegrid-root-node" > which has both width and table-layout set.


PS: Apologies I've no demo of this, its been really hard boiling this down into a simple reproduction, but the DOM in Firebug clearly shows the table-layout attribute missing. Hence why I also didn't want to post this as Bug until someone could confirm that it should be there.