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17 Feb 2010, 6:00 AM
Hi everybody,

i struggle with a LoadMask that will not disappear after the store has load it's data.

the store looks like this:

FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragStore = Ext.extend(Ext.data.GroupingStore,{
constructor: function(config) {
config = Ext.apply({groupField: 'forschungsprojekt', storeId: 'ForschungsantragStore', reader: new FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragJsonReader, writer: new FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragJsonWriter, proxy: new FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragHttpProxy, autoSave: true, restful: false, batch: false, autoLoad: true},config);

It's used in a GridPanel which looks like this:

FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragGrid = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridPanel, {
constructor: function(config) {

var tbar = this.buildUI();
var store = new FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragStore;

config = Ext.apply({
id: 'ForschungsantragGrid',
title: "Anträge",
store: store,
columns: FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragColumns,
iconCls: "icon-grid",
tbar: tbar,
forceLayout: true,
view: new Ext.grid.GroupingView({
forceFit: true,
groupTextTpl: '{text} ({[values.rs.length]} {[values.rs.length > 1 ? "Anträge" : "Antrag"]})'
loadMask: {
msg:'Lade Forschungsanträge...',
/*listeners : {
afterrender: function(grid) {
console.log('render listener called');
delay : 10,
}, config);
FhhForschungsprojekte.Module.ForschungsantragGrid.superclass.constructor.call(this, config);
I've tried to configure the store with autoLoad and with loading inside the 'render'-listener. In all cases the LoadMask will appear until the end of nowhere :)

I've also tried to call the load() function with a callback - which will never come back.

When i change my Store from Ext.data.GroupingStore to Ext.data.Store everything works well.

Any hints?


17 Feb 2010, 4:03 PM
I have a similar issue with an infinitely looping loadMask as well. I call an explicit load on my Ext.data.Store which does call out a Json request successfully with a successful response, and does update the GridPanel, however the loadMask never disappears... I can only reproduce this in IE8 (in IE7 compatability). Firefox works fine.

Coincidentally, i tried to set a "load" listener on the Ext.data.Store, and this listener never gets called in IE8. Firefox works fine.

18 Feb 2010, 9:22 AM

i made sure that the load event from the store is not fired when the data "arrived".

I had a look in the store object with firebug and there are two events registered for the store. The first is the onLoad() function from the grid and the second should be the grid.loadMask.hide() function.

I've also had a look to the events called by the used HttpProxy. He fires it's load event.

the beforeload event is correctly fired on the store - thats the reason why the loadMask is infinite visible...

The load event itself seems to be ok. While digging around i've proofed, that the load event is fired when i click on a button with the following handler-content


any clue where i have to dig next?


18 Feb 2010, 10:10 AM
Hi again,

i found the reason:

the loadRecords function died before fireing the load Event when calling applySort().

when setting

sortInfo:{field: 'somefield', direction: "ASC"}

in the GroupingStore config everything works well.