View Full Version : body onload hide tabs not working after 3.x update

12 Feb 2010, 8:29 PM
I've been using the 2.x relase for awhile, and its been fine. however i wanted to use vbox type panels, and thought it was only in a 3.x build so i upgrade...

Now i cant seem to do my"hide tabs" on body load anymore.
I have my layout built, then on the body function i call an onload function like this:

function hide_all_top_tabs()
var subpanel = Ext.getCmp('top_main_tab_panel'); //Bind to Top Panel Object
subpanel.hideTabStripItem(1); //Admin Quick Panel

this worked great in 2.x and now for some reason it throws and error saying the panel is null / undefined.

however, i have listeners on my items, that will hide these panels also, those work fine.

its like onbody load dosent see the panels yet? even though they did in 2.x?