View Full Version : TabPanel in Border layout - 100% Height

12 Feb 2010, 11:39 AM

hope i'm posting at the right place.

I seem to be having problem making a Tabpanel take up the whole space available to it vertically (100% height). I've searched the forum for a solution but in all cases people solved a similar issue by using 'fit' layout in their viewport. My layout consists of the viewport with a border layout, which in turn contains a panel at the north position, a status bar at the south and the problematic tabpanel at the center.

I added a listener to the viewport resize event and setting the tabpanel height everytime it resizes by subtracting the height of the north/south panels from it. This seem to work fine but the initial render of the layout does not. I tried doing the same as with resize but with the afterrender event but it doesnt seem to fire.

can someone give me some other suggestions on how i can go about it?