View Full Version : Problems with loadRecord having an Array in JsonStore

12 Feb 2010, 3:10 AM
Hi Community,

What we need to achieve is having two Pager on one form.
One pager should hold Id and Name and the second one all Report data.
We are using getForm().loadRecord to fill the textboxes with the data.

{ xtype: 'textfield', name: 'Id' }, { xtype: 'textfield', name: 'Name' }, { xtype: 'textfield', name: '??COMMENTS??' }

The first pager is working without any problems because on moveNext etc. its getting the data from the database again.
The second pager is fed with the correct data and you can see that there are two reports.
But the pager is not working because it expects a proxy.

We are having two problems now:

How can we display the data on the form which are currently in the Reports section of the store?
How should we set up the second pager to work correctly.

Here is the jsonData from the server.


Id: "1"
Name: "Test 1"

Comments: "Test 1 - Comments 1"

Comments: "Test 1 - Comments 2"

I hope somebody can help us.