View Full Version : [3.1.1]IE8 breaks on rendering grid rows

11 Feb 2010, 5:25 AM
hi together,

this is a really tricky one. so, i donate $5 to the person who has a solution ;)

purgeListeners : function(){
var events = this.events,
for(key in events){
evt = events[key];

when adding a tab containing a grid in ie8, the column headers get rendered. afterwards the ie prompts an error message, that a script is causing the ie to get delayed and if i want to stop it by force (default yes). if i click no, the grid renders fine. if i break the script, the red marked line is the spot according to the ie-debugging-console.

what definitely is important is, that i am using custom renderers for creating images.


renderIcon : function(val, meta, record, ind, colInd){

if (val == "")return;
return '<img ext:qtip="Icon: ' + val + '" style="position:absolute; margin-top:-2px;" src="' + iconPath + val + '">&nbsp;';

i know, not the best way to do so ;)

if you need further information, just tell me. thanks a lot, i am stuck here.

kind regards,