View Full Version : [3.1.1] vs [3.1.0] docs collapse icon

11 Feb 2010, 2:27 AM
The 2 first screenshots show the differences between 'docs' west collapsible panel in 3.1.1 vs in 3.1.0. I did not find any bug report but want to know if this is the expected behaviour or not.

I tried to set collapsible to false and keep collapseMode:'mini', I'm getting no error with FF 3.5.6, but the center panel is not resized => 3rd screenshot
With IE6, I'm getting Invalid argument - ext-all-debug (Line 6910)

setLeftTop : function(left, top){
var me = this,
style = me.dom.style;
style.left = me.addUnits(left);
style.top = me.addUnits(top); <= top is NaN
return me;