View Full Version : Problems with formPanel + tabPanel + combobox

10 Feb 2010, 4:24 AM
Hello guys!

Im heaving some troubles, i have a tabPanel inside a formPanel. The formPanel have some comboboxes, or better saying, can have one or many combos.

The thing is, in the first tab, the combos width render just right my config says to do. But in the other tabs, the combos appears to be right but are not, when a click in the combo, the options are in a width different of the combo, smaller than the main combo. All the combos are rendering like this, only the combos in the first tab are right.

I already had change one of the combos of the other tabs to the first tab and the problem stops, so, the problem is in the other tabs.

I hope someone can help me, sorry my english, im from brazil.