View Full Version : Json for grid paging using LINQ,c#

Sai Dasika
10 Feb 2010, 3:33 AM
I have a database with several entries. Now i have to do paging using the paging toolbar with a grid.

if i have 6 entries in my database and i want 3 rows per page:-
should i create an array of two Json strings each with three entires,so that i can achieve my need--else what should i do..

Please enlighten me using LINQ,C#.
Thanx in advance
Sai Dasika

10 Feb 2010, 7:37 AM
Start by looking at the grid examples and http:\\extjs.com\learn. There are many articles/examples of grids and paging. What you do on the backend is up to you - Ext doesn't care as long as you return the data in the correct format.