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11 Jul 2007, 12:55 PM
Recently, I developed two extensions for a project I'm working on, and thought I'd share them here in hopes of getting some feedback on how they may be improved:

The Form Builder queries for a json form definition and builds the Ext.form for you. I only just today saw ServerForm (http://extjs.com/learn/Extension:ServerForm) so I apologize if there's some overlap.

The Cascading Dialogs extension creates various sorts of dialogs that, upon button click, check a url for a json array detailing what action to perform next (open a new window or a new panel, update a panel, create a new dialog, etc.). This is useful in providing feedback on form submission, for creating wizards, etc.

Here is an example page (http://www.debuggery.net/ext.ux/) for your perusal, and the files may be downloaded from there as well. I apologize if the documentation is somewhat lacking. The zip includes all of the examples and I'm happy to answer any questions.


11 Jul 2007, 1:22 PM
Cool stuff :)

We talked on irc about how ServerForm should do both JSON and XML. IMHO I think that we could take the best of the 2 code base's and merge it into one Ext.ux.form.ServerForm since the goal of our implementations is the same.

I explicitly put the server code and references to it into my User Extention in the hope that we can have one definition standard which will lead to support for Ext ServerForm's in all the major server side development frameworks. (or at least the onces that people in the ext community use)

Regrettably i'll be busy with work this week, but hopefully i'll have time in the weekend too look deeper into your code and implement JSON and more options into ServerForm.

11 Jul 2007, 5:11 PM
That'd be fantastic. To be honest, mine is about as quick and dirty as you can get, so if you end up rolling your own into ServerForm, I wouldn't be at all offended. Or surprised. :)