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3 Feb 2010, 2:45 PM
Dear All,

I have tried to modify the API Documentation framework to show a different 'welcome.html', I have used the Portal example minus the Portal menu to display at the beginning of the application.

However, nothing was displayed in the ViewPort 'welcome-panel', when I checked with FireBug, it showed: "Failed to load source for:http://localhost/ctms/js/ux/Portal.js", in fact none of the javascripts related to the portal example were loaded. The ext libraries were all loaded as was the libraries associated with the API Documentation example, such as 'tree.js', etc.

The ViewPort was loaded first so I don't think there is a conflict with any libraries related to creating the menu. My modified 'welcome.html' works fine as a standalone, I just cannot get it to display. In the 'welcome.html' the <body> is empty just like the portal example, but if I put any text in the <body> that text is displayed in the API doc framework.

The API doc framework uses: autoLoad: {url: 'http://localhost/ctms/output/welcome.html', scope: this},

Are there any issues in using the autoLoad?

Thanks in advance.

3 Feb 2010, 2:58 PM
sure it's not

autoLoad: {url: 'welcome.html', callback: this.initSearch, scope: this},

So what it does is gets the source of welcome.html and executes this.initSearch. this.initSearch just does some custom templates for a DataView component. So u'll have to look into or replacing the callback function to do what you want.

3 Feb 2010, 7:31 PM
Thanks for your response.

All I wish to do is display the Portals on the front page, could you suggest what such a callback function should look like?