View Full Version : Add a Handler for a GridView's hmenu events

28 Jan 2010, 1:00 PM

I am integrating extjs with a Java Applet. I have learned that i must hide the Java Applet in order for extjs components to render correctly overtop of the applet. I have access to most objects that interfere except...

Currently I am trying to determine how to tap into a GroupingView's hmenu object. I would like to add handlers for some events (maybe mouseover and mouseout, but preferrable beforemenushow and aftermenushow) - i think.

I have been searching for some hours with no idea of how to proceed without making modifications to GroupingView.js (which i would really prefer to not do).

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can do this properly?

Essentially this is what I am trying to do , resulting in an undefined object (hmenu).

grid.getView().hmenu.on('mouseover', function(event) {

grid.getView().hmenu.on('mouseout', function(event) {

Help is much appreciated.