View Full Version : Possible to make a data proxy combobox?

25 Jan 2010, 3:23 PM
I need some advice. I will be having a field that needs to be a combobox that holds my customers name with their customer number. I have read about the Ext data proxy and is that a better solution than implementing something where the combobox listens for a key event and displays options based on the letters in the combobox?

Example with AJAX onKeyUp: Employee types in a, options are pulled from customers with names that start with a.

Example with data proxy: Employee starts scrolling and data is loaded as he/she scrolls.

Which would be the better and where would I find an example for the data proxy? Thank you.

25 Jan 2010, 8:52 PM
The behavior you describe is provided by ComboBox. You can also have a pager in the combo options, similar to the scrolling approach you describe, so I'd look at what ComboBox provides before writing something custom yourself.